Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Personalized Rehab & Therapy Programs

Comprehensive Custom Care

To maximize the quality of your care and minimize your stay with us, we offer personalized rehab and therapy programs to aid in your recovery. We provide the most advanced, aggressive therapies to accommodate your needs and your schedule.

Our commitment to your rehab doesn’t stop within the doors of our facility. We take the time to visit your home and assist you in making sure it’s appropriately equipped to ensure your continued recovery. We also consult with your family to help them understand your needs upon returning home.


We are committed to getting you up and about as quickly as possible after surgery, injury or illness. Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists work with Physiatrists to incorporate the highest quality rehabilitation and training therapies after things such as joint replacement, a fracture, stroke or serious illness. Our goal is to optimize your functional mobility and speed your recovery. Our geriatric strengthening program is designed to improve residents’ functional mobility. Through strength and power exercises, residents build muscle and walk with better balance and control.


After a stroke or other neurological condition, we work with you to regain your independence. Often weight bearing therapies and neuro-developmental techniques are used for treatment. Our team of professionals focuses on the physical and emotional issues that may result from a stroke and we provide therapies for:

  • swallowing and nutrition issues
  • speech, language and cognition enhancement
  • daily living skills

We also offer a variety of neuro-developmental techniques as well as physical and occupational therapies to manage neurological and muscular disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease.

  • Goals of cardiac rehabilitation are to reduce cardiovascular risk factors, for example, through lipid control, weight management, and physical activity
  • Manage Congestive Heart Failure, Post Bypass Surgery, Post MI/ Heart Attack, Angina Management, Coumadin Management
  • Improve a patient’s exercise performance, promote lifestyle changes, and increase psychosocial well-being



At Elm Brook, we’re committed to improving your quality of life with activities that are both enjoyable and therapeutic. Our residents can take advantage of numerous opportunities to enhance physical and mental fitness, including:

  • chair exercises
  • low-impact exercises
  • pet therapy
  • art and music therapy
  • memory boosters such as trivia games
  • engaging discussion groups



Our specifically designed therapeutic program enhances residents’ strength, balance, functional mobility and cardiovascular endurance. This enables residents to experience marked improvement in their activities of daily living.