Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled Nursing Care

Nursing Care Focused on You

Skilled Nursing CareAt Elm Brook, you always come first with our compassionate, expert nursing staff. Our nurses take you and your needs seriously, listen to you and your doctor, and keep in touch with your family. Our highly-trained professionals provide individualized, expert clinical care, round-the-clock, to assure your comfort as well as administer specialized therapies such as:

Wound Care

Chronic wounds, such as pressure ulcers, can be difficult to treat. We provide residents with an innovative, interdisciplinary approach of skilled therapeutic wound management. Our program is supervised by a physician specializing in wound care, who works with our expert nurses to offer advanced and proven-effective wound care technologies and procedures that promote faster healing.

Pain Management

We treat various types of musculoskeletal pain such as lower back, neck and joint pain syndrome using non-invasive therapies to reduce pain and improve quality of life.

Muscular/Skeletal Strengthening Program

Our geriatric strengthening program is designed to improve residents’ functional mobility. Through strength and power exercises, residents build muscle and walk with better balance and control.

Restorative Program

Our specifically designed therapeutic program enhances residents’ strength, balance, functional mobility and cardiovascular endurance. This enables residents to experience marked improvement in their activities of daily living.